Private Agreement


1. Service Offer

The Markland Method (“the club”) is a private membership club for those of mankind only to share knowledge of business and how to be well in the world; the club is hosted by i: a woman; Kate Markland; life-time membership is free; membership provides exclusive access to a range of knowledge, property and time; all activities through or within the club occur within the private domain only; your order confirms your acceptance to the agreement of membership and laws of the club;

2. Full Disclosure

i: a woman; Kate Markland agrees to use my best endeavours to provide disclosure of potential risks involved whether financial or otherwise which may be reasonably foreseeable or to be expected in the ordinary course of events during or following the provision of services listed.

2. Service Acceptance

i, enter into this agreement of my own free will; i, choose to establish this agreement between i, and the woman, Kate Markland;

i, agree to be responsible for my own actions and for the consequences of how i, apply any of the knowledge i, gain here;

i, attest that my actions on this and any subsequent visit to this website or to any event or place provided within the club (including electronic communications) are by i, in my own right and private capacity as a man/woman, and not as an agent or representative for any governmental or non-governmental agency or organisation whose purpose is to enforce a legal code, act or statute where no man or woman has been harmed, or to carry out any mission of entrapment or investigation; i, understand that this will be considered to be trespass by way of barratry and that i, will become immediately liable to pay compensation under this agreement, in the amount of £100,000 plus £10/minute the trespass continues;

i, agree not to share, copy, reproduce, or sell any of the property offered here, without first obtaining the explicit written consent of the man and or woman who did create it;

i, agree to act according to law, and not to engage in abusive, violent, irresponsible, menacing, destructive or harassing behaviour towards any other man or woman who does participate in the club, lest my membership be dismissed, and access to all time and or property offered by or through the club cease;

i, agree that in consideration of the service provided under this agreement to give the woman Kate Markland reasonable compensation and value in fiat currency payment;

i, agree to and digitally autograph this agreement, without coercion, in exchange for access to the benefits offered by or through the club, and do acknowledge that i, have read, understand and agree to the laws of the club.

4. Declaration by Client upon Personal Responsibility

i, declare that i, am a wo/man of sound mind, rational and fully cognisant of his/her immediate reality and his/her place in it, with full mental capacity to enter into this agreement;

i, declare that i, accept full personal responsibility for any negative consequences, whether actual or perceived, that may result from experiencing thoughts or feelings or taking decisions or actions based upon the provision of any service provided under this agreement;

i, declare that i, accept full and absolute responsibility for any disclosed or discusses consequences upon the provision of services under this agreement and shall not hold the woman, Kate Markland, responsible for any loss or harm, whether actual or perceived, resulting from services provided subject to Clause 4 in Section B below;

i, declare that I accept full and absolute responsibility for any consequences which have not been discussed or disclosed with the woman Kate Markland unless such consequences were reasonably foreseeable or to be expected in the ordinary course of events during the following the provision of the services and failure to discuss them was a breach of clause 2 in section A above.



Absolute personal accountability and responsibility shall remain with i a living wo/man, and the woman Kate Markland at all times;

Any obligation owned by the woman Kate Markland to i, a living wo/man, is strictly personal, non-transferable nor assignable to a third party nor to Attorney(s)/Estate Administrators/Executors or other Assignees;

Nothing herein may be waved or amended except in writing and signed by both parties;

Nothing herein agreed is intended to limit any common law duty of care owed by the woman Kate Markland to i, a living wo/man, under the accepted principles of tort law for any breach of Clause 2 in Section A above.