Grow A Healthy & Profitable Person-Centred  Service

Helping health-preneurs dance to their own tune and a run flagship service. Without being crushed by the corporatisation of health.


Growing a profitable mankind -centred service is hard.

In a world of health dependency, it can be challenging building an authentic service which advocate's health autonomy, whilst at the same time ensuring a positive return on time, money and energy invested for both clients and health-preneurs.

 All you are missing is the anatomy and physiology of business, which will give you the ability to take your vision to market, to govern your life, and help others govern their own health.


I make it a whole lot easier, quicker, more predictable, less stressful and more fun, with the most ruthlessly effective tested private members club "Re-MARKable".

Creating a flagship service is hard

It is difficult to keep up, with attention getting harder to find & profit margins being squeezed.

What if you could cut through the noise to find a strategy and the tactics that will help you ideal clients resonate with you?

Trial & error is expensive

Most health-preneurs learn by expensive and frustrating trial and error. 

What if it were possible to learn from somebody else’s experience and avoid costly pitfalls? You will get clarity on where to focus and what to do next.

It's lonely as a health-preneur

Running a Person-Centred Service is a lonely business, and it is likely you have no one to turn to when making  decisions. 

Imagine being able to lean into a likeminded and committed support when you need it most?

Right now the world is heading in a very dangerous direction, 

  • Unlawful mandatory health passes loom on the horizon
  • Rights are exchanged for benefits and privileges of government
  • Low price contracts that consume capacity for little to no return are accepted 

a big change is needed…

Institutions cannot make that change for us… it must be made one man, one woman, at a time

We Are The Ones With The Responsibility And We Also Have The Power

The problem most of us don’t want to admit is that we feel powerless to make the change… but here’s the thing..

You’re not powerless… and you’re much closer to than you think.

The Solution


It begins with learning how bring your dream to reality, to govern your own business and help others govern their own health.  

I understand that you are trying to help people, whilst spinning plates, as you try to stabilise & grow your vision for a health service and stay true to your values, all at once. 

But you probably find yourself wasting time, energy & money, building a thing which doesn't deliver you the results you desire, leaving you feeling confused, undervalued and overwhelmed about what you do & the next steps to take.

It shouldn't be complicated.

I have helped other health-preneurs like you create the income, impact & freedom so you can stop playing roulette with your payday or asking patients to gamble with their health. 

When growing a business you ought to be able to apply clinical reasoning to business reasoning & run an authentic, dependable service.

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I'm Kate Markland


I started 4 clinics from scratch here in the UK

  • Over the past 19 years, I have worked as a Physiotherapist and Clinic Owner
  • We helped thousands of clients get free of pain and won numerous awards. 
  • I now help health-preneurs be catalysts for good health
  • By understanding the anatomy & physiology of a business, you can apply your clinical reasoning skills to business reasoning
  • Resulting in both practitioners &  communities living with confidence free of fear, worry & anxiety.  



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