The Personal Side of Business Growth

Karen DeSimone, a renowned success coach, PT practitioner, and practice owner joins me to talk chat about the personal side of business growth

Part 1: The Personal Side of Business Growth

  • We discuss Karen's unique ability to address the emotional pains of practitioners and delve into the challenges of being a practice owner.
  • Karen emphasises the importance of each individual's voice and perspective in contributing to the collective narrative.

Part 2: A Peek into Karen's Life

  • We share anecdotes about swimming, cycling and triathlon experiences and the growth journey through personal challenges.
  • Karen stresses the significance of aligning personal values with professional choices.

Part 3: Growing and Scaling in Business

  • Karen explore's the common misconception of associating growth solely with numbers and the potential pitfalls of blindly following conventional advice.
  • Karen shares a personal story of scaling her clinics and the subsequent realisation that a larger business didn't align with her core values.

Part 4: The Importance of Introspection

  • The discussion shifts towards the necessity of introspection in the growth process.
  • Karen emphasise the importance of defining what growth and scaling mean on a personal level.
  • Karen shares insights into how she aligned her business choices with her identity, avoiding the loss of personal fulfilment.


  • As the episode concludes, listeners are encouraged to reflect on their own growth journeys and consider the alignment of personal values with professional choices.