Your Business Journey is Yours to Shape

Karen and I delve into the crucial aspect of running a business – creating it on your own terms.

They emphasise the importance of embracing creativity and defining the problems you personally want to solve, rather than adhering to a cookie-cutter approach.

Karen highlights the challenge of breaking free from societal standards and norms that often hinder individuals from pursuing what truly fulfils them. The conversation revolves around the idea of setting your own schedule and determining what success means to you.

I share my experience of realising the power of defining one's terms of business and the misconception around the word "boundaries." We discuss the need to give oneself permission to create a business that aligns with personal values and goals. We stress the significance of understanding what success looks like for you and not getting bogged down by external expectations.

Listeners are encouraged to step into action boldly, even without knowing all the details of how things will unfold.

The podcast concludes with a call for courage, reminding entrepreneurs that they are not alone on their journey, and solutions will present themselves when you define your questions clearly.

Overall, the episode inspires individuals to tap into their creativity, set their own terms in business, and have the courage to pursue their unique vision.