Leading an International Physio Team in the UAE

Gareth Wright, an international physiotherapist, shares his remarkable journey and experiences working in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Gareth delves into his background, and his initial move to the UAE, the challenges and successes he faced in establishing a diverse and dynamic physiotherapy team.

Gareth emphasises the strength of teamwork, cultural diversity within his team, and the importance of understanding clients' backgrounds for effective rehabilitation.

Gareth also discusses his approach to recruiting and mentoring therapists from various cultural and educational backgrounds. He emphasises responsible recruitment practices, mentorship, and the significance of aligning expectations for both the employer and the therapist. Gareth's approach to building a long-lasting, collaborative team stands out as he shares valuable lessons for practice owners, highlighting the importance of a supportive and growth-oriented workplace culture.

Gareth's journey serves as a valuable resource for those considering international physiotherapy opportunities, offering practical insights and guidance.

Listeners interested in Gareth's experiences or seeking advice on working in the Middle East can follow him on Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/gareth-wright-a164a217/