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Will this elevate or diminish my status?

clientattraction privatepracticeskills Sep 26, 2023

When individuals contemplate purchasing anything (including your health and wellness services!), a fundamental question inevitably arises in their minds:

"Will this elevate or diminish my status?"

Unbeknownst to most, this subconscious evaluation process unfolds within the minds of every prospective buyer each time they encounter an offer. It's a delicate balance, an unspoken inquiry that guides their decision-making.

Understanding the Status Dynamic

Status, in this context, goes beyond mere societal hierarchy. It encompasses how your service aligns with an individual's self-image, aspirations, and identity.

It's the intangible currency of personal worth and esteem.

As consumers, we all make purchases not just for functional utility but to reinforce or enhance our perceived status among peers, colleagues, or within our own self-concept.

Creating the Perfect Offer

To create the perfect offer of help, you must therefor wield the power of status enhancement effectively:

Highlight Benefits: Emphasise how your product or service positively impacts your client's life, enhancing their status in some way. Whether it's through convenience, luxury, efficiency, or social recognition, the benefits should resonate with their desire to elevate their status.

Visualise Success: Paint a vivid picture of how their life will improve after making the purchase.

For example, as a result of your help:

  • Grandad can pick up the grandkids,
  • Granny can do the garden,
  • Dad can keep up with the teenagers on the ski slope and feels young again
  • Whilst Mum, feels like the perfect mother for being able to do the school run again.

Storytelling Through Social Proof: Use imagery, testimonials, or case studies that illustrate how others have experienced an increase in status through your services.

Knowing that others have elevated their status by choosing your product can be a powerful motivator.

Sharing stories that create an emotional connection draw's us all into the experience.

Value Perception: Ensure that your pricing aligns with the perceived value of status enhancement.

Don't price yourself like a plumber, people are not commodities. Potential clients are investing in the outcome and transformation they will receive from your services.

Confidence Building: Offer guarantees or service level agreements are not used very often in healthcare however when when meaningfully crafted they reduce the perceived risk.

Rather than asking people to gamble on you you instil confidence in the transaction enhances the clients's sense of control and status.

In Conclusion

The decision to make any purchase is deeply intertwined with the desire to elevate one's status.

By recognising and leveraging this fundamental human inclination, you can create a meaningful offer of help that resonate's on a subconscious level.

Understanding the status dynamic and crafting offers that align with this intrinsic motivation can be the key to attracting clients, as they see your service not just as a functional tool to get out of pain but as a means to elevate their status and enhance their self-worth.

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