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What is the meaning of Physiotherapy

conversations deliveringdesiredoutcomes Feb 07, 2023

The field of physiotherapy is a dynamic and essential part of healthcare, encompassing a range of skills and expertise that contribute to patients' well-being and recovery. In a recent interview with an experienced physiotherapist, Sue Gunter, we gain valuable insights into the challenges and triumphs of a long and fulfilling career in the profession.

Sue's journey provides us with a glimpse into the dedication, adaptability, and compassionate care that define the world of physiotherapy.

The Transition to Independent Practice

Sue's journey into independent practice didn't come without its share of challenges. Balancing a demanding NHS job while building her private practice required sacrifice and determination. The decision to give up her NHS practice was a significant one, rooted in the desire to have more control over her time and the flexibility to offer personalised care to her patients. The transition, though tough, was marked by the invaluable experience of handling a double salary for two years. This step underlines the need for hard work and perseverance, even when pursuing a passion-driven career.

Endurance and Autonomy

As Sue emphasises, endurance is a vital trait for any physiotherapist. Long hours and dedication to patients' well-being are part and parcel of the job. In the early days of her career, the autonomy that today's physiotherapists enjoy was not readily available. Sue recalls a time when physicians dictated treatment methods, and physiotherapists were expected to comply without question. However, over the years, the profession has fought for its autonomy and has gained the trust of medical professionals, enabling independent practitioners to make decisions that can significantly impact patient outcomes.

The Power of Instinct and Compassion

Sue's anecdotes shed light on the importance of trusting one's instincts and compassionate care. Recognising when a treatment plan doesn't feel right and seeking alternative solutions can save lives. One instance involves correctly identifying a life-threatening condition that others had missed, showcasing the critical role that well-honed instincts play in the field.

Moreover, Sue's emphasis on compassionate care underscores the significance of understanding the whole patient. Listening to patients, addressing their concerns, and going the extra mile can often yield results beyond the scope of a treatment plan. These stories remind us that patient-centred care goes beyond the technical aspects; it's about being attuned to the individual's needs and circumstances.

The Future of Physiotherapy

Sue's views on the future of physiotherapy resonate deeply. In a world grappling with various challenges, the role of physiotherapists remains pivotal. They are the healers who put the pieces back together, facilitating rehabilitation, and helping people achieve their best potential. As the world navigates complex issues, the contribution of physiotherapists in rebuilding lives is essential.

Pricing and Self-Value

The conversation also delves into an aspect often overlooked - pricing and self-value. Sue's approach to pricing her services is grounded in both practicality and ethics. By determining what she needs to sustain herself, calculating the number of patients she can see, and charging accordingly, she ensures a sustainable practice. Her perspective on self-value reminds us that undervaluing the skills and contributions of physiotherapists undermines the profession. It's a call to recognise the worth of expertise, experience, and the difference physiotherapists make in their patients' lives.


Sue's journey through the world of physiotherapy is a testament to dedication, adaptability, and a deep passion for patient care. Her experiences highlight the evolving landscape of the profession and the strides that have been made. As the field continues to grow and adapt, the lessons from experienced practitioners like Sue serve as a guiding light for the next generation of physiotherapists.

The emphasis on intuition, compassion, autonomy, and self-value offers a comprehensive perspective that can inspire practitioners to excel and make a lasting impact on the lives they touch.

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