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What can we do about statism?

inspiration thegreatgaslights Jan 22, 2022

It has now got to absolutely absurd proportions. In Australia, we can see one of the fittest men on the planet, Novak, Djokovic, being banned entry.

And in Australia, we can also see that Michael Gunner has made the terrifying decision to ban the unvaccinated from leaving their house to exercise or go to work.

And he specifies that, the unvaccinated must not leave their house to exercise or go to work. They are only allowed to leave to seek medical care, to provide care for another or buy the essentials. He seems to be missing the contradiction that if this is a health crisis, not going to work and not exercising will cause a deterioration in your health and have consequences in itself.

And this is what’s getting alarming. There is support for the governments and these rules and these regulations. And that means atrocities will occur if the governments simply tell people to do so.

Now of course, there are many that are waking up and there are many protests and many freedom fighters out there, but what else can we do as clinicians and clinic owners, other than saying no, what else can we be doing to help proactively reclaim health?

Empowerment Through Education

Education is a cornerstone of change. It's time we take ownership of our roles as educators within our communities. Webinars, workshops, and community talks can disseminate accurate information about the importance of a healthy lifestyle. By explaining the profound impact of exercise, proper nutrition, mental wellness, and social interaction, we empower individuals to make informed decisions about their health.

Collaboration for Wellness

Collaboration has the power to magnify impact. Partnering with local gyms, wellness centres, and fellow practitioners allows us to create a network of support that transcends boundaries. Together, we can organise events that celebrate physical activity and mental health. By fostering unity, we demonstrate that collective efforts yield transformative results.

A Digital Health Revolution

The digital realm offers a platform for widespread influence. Harnessing the power of social media, we can reach a broader audience with health-related content. Sharing evidence-based information, success stories, and motivational content can ignite positive change. Responding to questions and engaging in meaningful dialogue builds a community of like-minded individuals.

Advocacy for Balance

Advocacy isn't limited to our clinic walls. Constructive engagement with policymakers is a vital step in highlighting the need for equilibrium between health measures and individual liberties. By articulating the far-reaching consequences of extreme regulations, we can contribute to well-rounded decision-making.

A Personal Touch

Personalised care remains the cornerstone of clinical practice. As clinicians, we hold the key to guiding patients on tailored exercise routines, dietary choices, stress management, and maintaining social connections. This individualised approach underscores our commitment to comprehensive health.

Building Resilience

In these trying times, mental resilience is paramount. We can guide our communities in cultivating resilience and coping mechanisms. Highlighting the symbiotic relationship between mental health and overall well-being equips individuals with tools to navigate challenges with strength and grace.

A Call to Action

As clinicians and clinic owners, we possess a unique platform to inspire change. Leading by example, fostering dialogue, and promoting holistic health can spark a transformation that extends beyond our immediate spheres of influence. By striking a balance between health advocacy and empathetic understanding, we become catalysts for positive change.

Therefore helping people become more and more aware of the contradiction of good health principles versus what some of the rules and regulations we are witness to from the government. 

In conclusion, let's heed the call to action. Let's champion health, exercise, and well-being within our communities. By taking proactive steps, we can navigate these challenging times with resilience and compassion. As we embrace our roles as educators, collaborators, and advocates, we sow the seeds of a healthier, more harmonious future.


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