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We Are The Ones With The Responsibility And We Also Have The Power

leadership Feb 09, 2024

Right now the world is heading in a very dangerous direction, 

  • Unlawful mandatory health passes loom on the horizon,

  • Rights are exchanged for benefits and privileges of government

  • Low price contracts that consume capacity for little to no return are accepted 

a big change is needed…

Institutions cannot make that change for us… it must be made one man, one woman, at a time

We Are The Ones With The Responsibility And We Also Have The Power

The problem most of us don’t want to admit is that we feel powerless to make the change… but here’s the thing..

You’re not powerless… and you’re much closer to than you think.

The wisdom derived from small health businesses plays a significant role in shaping not only the commercial success of practitioners but also the vitality of the communities they serve.

"It's important a small business gets known in its community. Those running the business are contributing directly to their community, binding it together." - Richard Stone

For health-preneurs the ability to learn and adopt the personalised, adaptable nature of small businesses provides a crucial edge in both building customer relationships and acting as a catalyst for the experience of being and feeling alive.

Furthermore, small businesses enrich local communities by diversifying offerings, fostering personal connections, and creating a unique identity within their localities.

As health-prenuers, understanding this local impact becomes pivotal, and choosing to support these enterprises fosters a resilient environment where health-prenuers can thrive, creating a dynamic, diverse, and interconnected health ecosystem.

Success in the health industry extends beyond the financial numbers.

While crucial, the key to true success lies in understanding the story behind the figures.

By embracing the wisdom of small businesses, health-prenuers can encompass a philosophy that centres on personalisation, adaptability, and community enrichment, forming the bedrock for a successful and impactful health-prenuership journey.

It's about connecting operational data to actual practices, ensuring that the metrics reflect the reality of business operations, results and impact.

The Health-prenuers Guide

Coming Soon!

I'm on an exciting journey with my book, taking it back to the good old days when books were served up in newspapers, piece by piece. I'm crafting circa 500 words a day and sharing it with all of you.

Now, this book is for you if you've ever had a brilliant idea or a vision for your own healthcare business or perhaps you want to revitalise your existing service, but you're stuck, not sure how to confirm if there's a market for your idea or how to bring your vision to life.

Let's embark on this journey together