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The Power of a Consistent Calendar

leadership privatepracticeskills Oct 27, 2021

On your journey towards a thriving clinic, it's essential to adopt a calendar system that you love and will consistently use.

Four Elements for Success:

In order to create a well-structured schedule, focus on four key elements:

  • business-related tasks,
  • patient appointments,
  • personal commitments,
  • and team activities.

Dedicating time to team check-ins fosters a cohesive rhythm within your clinic.

Plan Ahead:

On a friday, invest just 20 minutes to map out your next week.

Begin by blocking out 60 to 90 minutes each day for business-building activities.

These are the game-changing tasks that will accelerate your clinic's growth.

Be Distraction-Free:

During these scheduled business-building sessions, be steadfast in avoiding distractions.

Silence your phone, close unnecessary browser tabs, and resist the urge to check emails. This undistracted time will ensure you focus solely on tasks critical to your clinic's success.

Put Your Clinic First:

When constructing your weekly calendar, always prioritise business-building activities. By doing so, you secure the most vital time slots for growth, leaving space to fit patient appointments around them.

The Benefits of Recurring Events:

Utilise Calendar's recurring event feature to set weekly team meetings. Inviting team members ensures everyone is well-informed and can actively contribute to the clinic's progress. This consistent rhythm brings about enhanced efficiency and a cohesive team environment.


By organising your diary and optimising your time, you're laying the foundation for remarkable success.

Remember to prioritise business-building tasks and dedicate focused time to it. Stay distraction-free during these crucial sessions and make use of recurring events to maintain a cohesive team dynamic.

The Health-prenuers Guide

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