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The Health-Preneurs Code: The Role of Core Values in a $14M Success Story

inspiration leadership Nov 07, 2023
 Jay B Sauceda achieved remarkable success with Sauceda Industries, culminating in a substantial $14 million in sales before the company was acquired by

What set Sauceda Industries apart? It was the strategic integration of core values — "Yes, And," "Explore More," and "Give a Sh!t."

Embracing Core Values for Talent Recruitment

Sauceda's journey commenced with a significant opportunity at Howler Brothers, a digital purveyor of stylish and durable outdoor gear.

The resonance between Sauceda's values and Howler Brothers' leadership was pivotal. These values weren't merely words on a wall but were ingrained into job descriptions, ensuring that new hires aligned with the company ethos.

For instance, the value of

  • "Yes, And" fostered constructive dialogue,

  • "Explore More" encouraged initiative,

  • "Give a Sh!t" signalled a commitment to excellence.

Sauceda crafted job ads that acted as both a magnet and a filter for talent.

These ads resonated with individuals who shared the company's dynamic culture, setting Sauceda Industries apart from competitors in the health and wellness industry.

Employee Training Aligned with Core Values

New hires underwent dedicated training programs to instill Sauceda's values.

Performance evaluations not only considered revenue metrics but also how well employees embodied the core principles.

Those who exemplified "Yes, And," "Explore More," and "Give a Sh!t" found themselves rewarded and acknowledged, fostering a culture of recognition and appreciation within the company.

Sauceda emphasised that these values were not just displayed on the company's walls but lived in daily interactions, in the effort and dedication shown by employees to clients and within collaborations.

Nurturing Client Relationships Based on Core Values

The influence of these core values extended to client relationships, serving as a benchmark for long-term partnerships.

An exemplary case was Sauceda Industries' collaboration with Howler Brothers.

Sauceda noted the importance of natural alignment between client values and their own, emphasising that such collaborations were more likely to be mutually fruitful.

Cultivating a Thriving Business Model

By embracing a values-centric approach, Sauceda Industries experienced exponential growth, expanding from a modest 3,000-square-foot office in 2013 to a sprawling 126,000-square-foot facility with 150 employees by 2020.

Sauceda attributed the rapid, self-funded growth to the company's value-driven framework.

Sauceda Industries didn’t just serve clients; it forged relationships founded on shared values. Through strategic recruitment, impactful training, and a vibrant work culture, these core values paved the way for a business that thrived, achieving $14 million in sales before its acquisition by in 2021.


Health-preneurs aiming to establish and grow their businesses within the health and wellness sector can draw inspiration from Sauceda's success.

Integrating and living by core values, aligning talent, nurturing relationships, and fostering a culture based on shared principles can significantly contribute to business growth and success within this competitive industry.


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