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The average age of death by or with “CV-19” is higher than life expectancy!

thegreatgaslights Dec 08, 2021

No other figure even need be known to understand the “pandemic” (business model) is a fraud!

In the US the “Covid death” number is cooked/manipulated due to how the CDC does their accounting as well as many other factors- an audit of the CDC mortality numbers themselves would reveal corruption and “death fixing.”

1) The first thing that must be addressed is “who were these people?”

The average age of a “Covid death” is around 80 in the US and 82 globally with 5 co-morbidities. The vast majority of these people were from nursing homes, assisted living, hospice etc.

Where did the vast majority of initial “Covid deaths” occur? In the US (and everywhere in the West- Milan, Madrid, London, Brussels, Montreal, Toronto, etc.) most, if not all, who died from “Covid” already had one foot in the grave and their death was put on fast forward through policies, not some make-believe virus.

What we had was a radical and mandatory shift in policies relating to hospitals, care homes and the overall social order. These new “policies” were mandated through various new and aberrant state “guidelines” which resulted in a concentrated death rate for a six-week period in March/April.

Take that out of the equation and there is no death rate to talk about. Put (or keep) these policies in place and we will have a manufactured pandemic every year.

There was also gross negligence (beyond the usual) in numerous nursing homes that led to abandonment and alterations in toxic medications that turned these slow-motion abattoirs into death houses.

One of the remarkable things of note is that here in the US the “pandemic” was not widespread (which is supposed to be one of the defining features of a pandemic) but was in fact limited to very specific locations;

2) The faulty diagnosis of what is a “Covid death”, did they die “with” or “from” Covid, is problematic for several reasons.

In many cases an actual test was never done only a “presumed to be Covid” assessment was put forth. Add to this that when the tests were done PCR tests done with faulty specs (gene sequencing, cycle thresholds, annealing problems, faulty primers and so forth) were used. PCR can’t diagnose anything in the first place and compounded with these problems they are useless and misleading;

3) No autopsies. Why were no autopsies done in the US?

Why did they pass new mandates that in fact halted all autopsies for “Covid deaths?” This went against decades long protocol. They also changed decades old protocol on how death certificates should be filed.

4) Another way they inflated death counts was through hospital admissions and faulty PCR testing.

So for example if one came in with a coronary condition you would be given a “Covid test” no matter what- all admissions required this- and then if you died while in the hospital you could have been listed as a “Covid death.” This happened frequently throughout the year;

5) Home deaths is yet another way that figures were cooked.

This was admitted point blank by Stephanie Buehle (NY Dept. of Health spokesperson) among others who stated that home deaths with no testing at all would be “presumed Covid deaths.” This “guideline” was mandated through the NY Health Dept;

6) “Covid death counts were forged

CDC instructed officials to certify any death as “caused by” COVID if the decedent tested positive prior to passing or was suspected of having “C19”, even if it wasn’t the actual cause of death. Thus we have major misattribution. E.g., we have over 14,000 “injury by accident” deaths listed in the “C19 death” total.

We’re also seeing unexplained declines in other common death categories because so many have been attributed to “C19.” The unprecedented broad definition of “C19” death has created huge fraud in “Covid death” counts;

7) Another way they inflated death counts was through hospital admissions and again combined with faulty PCR testing.

This caused a huge spike in iatrogenic deaths caused by misattribution of “Covid” to incoming patients and the ensuing improper treatments applied- e.g. ventilators and associated fentanyl dosages which killed thousands.

So for example if one came in with a coronary condition you would be given a “Covid test” no matter what- all admissions required this- and then if you died while in the hospital you could have been listed as a “Covid death.” This happened frequently through the year.

The practice of PCR-testing hospital admissions who are asymptomatic for Covid using high Ct values undoubtedly caused deaths and unnecessary suffering.

This matters for several reasons. A pneumonia patient e.g. has a very good chance of surviving with correct diagnosis and support. However, if the patient tests positive for the non-existent pathogen an entirely different medical protocol goes into action and with this protocol there is little chance of survival.

The ‘diagnosis’ of “Covid” effectively permits dangerous protocols to be enacted that then increase the chance of mortality. With regard to adoption of a new RT-PCR protocol for hospital admissions this also falsely manufactured death statistics for “Covid.” Add to this how it was incentivized-$$$$$ at a time when hospitals are under extreme financial duress. The US hospital system had it’s worst financial quarter on record in the middle of a “pandemic.” Administrators were under pressure to alleviate that financial pain and exploit all openings in the CARES Act. None of this is accidental.

8) Lockdown impacts- too numerous to cite

In short whatever “excess deaths” which may have occurred anywhere can be attributed to people who didn’t have to die but were KILLED due to the unnecessary use of ventilators, harsh toxic drugs, people dying prematurely due to lack of medical treatment, ill effects from the lockdowns and so on.

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