If we were facing a real pandemic, our governments would come up with holistic approaches to improve our health; such as those promoted by El Salvador including:

  • Promoting physical exercises (status quo: closing sports clubs and gyms)
  • Promoting vitamin D and sun exposure (status quo: lockdowns)
  • Promoting a healthy diet (status quo: fast food delivery chains are booming)
  • Calming the population (status quo: 24/7 fear-mongering)

It does not make any sense that an experimental vaccine is presented as the only solution to health problems.

You might be interested to know that the UK govt changed the rules on advertising unlicensed medicines in Nov 2020, coinciding with the jab rollout. Hence the constant almost marketing of the jabs and boosters

This is for the marketing of the worlds largest medical experiment. which previously would not have been allowed for a “medicine” that did not have a full license.

These campaigns have shown us the power of a consistent message on repeat.

I wonder what the effect would have been if they promoted the known benefits of none experimental “medicines” such as physical activity, good nutrition, vitamin D, and positive mental health with the same enthusiasm….. but perhaps that is our job as clinic owners?

Many clinic owners promote healthy living, the benefits of physical activity, good nutrition and positive mental health as route fulfilled living. Yet often clinicians are hesitant with their marketing worrying about what to say, how to say it and how their message will be perceived. This can hold clinicians back from getting a proactive health message out there about how they can help potential clients.

And this hesitancy, in turn, prevents potential clients from hearing about their services and right now there may be a cost to that as perhaps your community and clients are not getting the positive proactive health messages you could provide them?