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Seeking Truth in Healthcare

conversations thegreatgaslights Jul 13, 2023

In recent years, it seems that the general public has been far more quick-witted and skeptical about the motives and interests of the medical-pharmaceutical industrial complex than the professionals within the system.

In this conversation, Sam Bailey, a medical doctor from New Zealand, who embarked on a path of unlearning and questioning conventional medical teachings shares her journey. Sam's story is a testament to the power of critical thinking and the importance of examining the foundational principles that shape our understanding of medicine and health.

Together, we discuss the paradigm shift that led her to challenge the foundations of germ theory and conventional medicine.

From Conventional Medicine to Unlearning:

Sam Bailey's journey started like that of any other aspiring medical professional. Passionate and driven, she entered the world of medicine with a sincere desire to help others. Years of rigorous training and adherence to medical dogma kept her firmly within the confines of conventional medicine. However, everything changed in 2020.

A Turning Point:

The CV-19 became a turning point in Sam's life. As she witnessed the chaos and conflicting information, her inquisitive mind couldn't help but question the established narrative. 

In September 2020, Sam made a video expressing her reservations about the CV-19 vaccine and the accuracy of PCR tests. This act resulted in her being dismissed from her job and facing scrutiny from medical authorities. Despite the challenges, Sam stood firm in her convictions and continued her quest for knowledge. 

Discovering a World of Dissent:

As Sam's journey progressed, she encountered individuals who had long been questioning the established norms in medicine. Val Turner from the Perth Group, known for their critical analysis of HIV and AIDS, reached out to Sam, introducing her to a world of dissenting voices. She also connected with Roman Bystrianyk, author of "Dissolving Illusions," which shed light on historical misconceptions surrounding vaccines.  

Sam's husband, Mark, was the first to suggest that viruses might not exist. With newfound curiosity, Sam began researching the foundational principles of germ theory and respiratory viruses. What she discovered left her shocked and questioning everything she once believed in. The book "Virus Mania" by respected authors unveiled the fraudulent aspects of the medical narrative, causing a cascade of revelations.

Expanding Beyond Germ Theory:

Sam's exploration expanded beyond virology and into the realm of germ theory as a whole. She realised the depth of her own ignorance and felt compelled to reevaluate her entire medical practice. While Sam admits disappointment in her past practices, she remains grateful for her allopathic training. It enabled her to question the mainstream narrative and develop a critical eye for medical conventions. Sam emphasises that intelligence and open-mindedness are key to challenging the status quo and fostering meaningful change.

Facing the Consequences:

Sam's decision to share her newfound insights publicly was met with unexpected consequences. Alienated by her professional colleagues, she faced resistance and scrutiny for daring to challenge the mainstream narrative. However, she remained steadfast in her pursuit of truth and integrity.

Reflecting on the responses she received, Sam couldn't help but describe the medical establishment as a "cult." Deviating from the prescribed narrative, even slightly, resulted in professional isolation and ostracisation. The fear of losing one's job and social standing stifled the potential for open discussions and dissent.

Empowering Others to Seek Truth:

Despite the challenges, Sam remains committed to her journey of unlearning and self-discovery. She encourages others to engage in critical thinking, question the status quo, and seek information beyond what is presented by authoritative figures. By empowering individuals to conduct their research, she believes we can awaken to a deeper understanding of our health and well-being.

Sam emphasises that unlearning doesn't negate the legitimacy of health conditions. Instead, it invites exploration into right living, right eating and right thinking, approaches that have been overshadowed by the dominant pharmaceutical industry.

The Rise of Informed Public:

Sam noticed that the general public had become increasingly well-informed and willing to question medical professionals. People have begun expressing their dissatisfaction with the current healthcare system, leading to a surge in public skepticism. Many individuals, disillusioned by contradictory information and a lack of satisfactory answers, have started exploring their own paths and seeking practitioners they can trust.

The Paradigm Shift:

Sam emphasises the importance of distinguishing between emergency care and the excessive medicalisation of everyday health issues.

Amidst the growing distrust, Sam encourages individuals to take an active role in their own healthcare. Sam advocates for critical thinking and personal research, empowering individuals to make informed decisions about their health.  This may involve examining lifestyle choices, environmental factors, and mental well-being, acknowledging the interconnectedness of various aspects of health.


The public's growing skepticism towards the medical-pharmaceutical industrial complex has paved the way for a paradigm shift. Sam Bailey's journey of questioning and rediscovery resonates with many individuals who have also become disillusioned by a system that often prioritises profit over patient well-being.

By daring to think critically, challenge and question the narratives that govern our lives we have the power to reshape the landscape of medicine and healthcare. 

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