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Igniting Hidden Passions with Holistic Health Questionnaires

conversations deliveringdesiredoutcomes inspiration Jun 15, 2023

Physiotherapist Brad Dixon has certainly discovered a valuable approach as a health practitioner.

By creating a holistic intake form for new clients to fill out online before their appointment, he describes how he gather's insightful information beyond the typical health questionnaire. This form includes questions about their hobbies, interests, and even asks them to choose someone, alive or dead, to have dinner with.

For example, one of Brad's clients who initially sought treatment for back pain mentioned his passion for pyrotechnics, which he had forgotten about since childhood. Inspired by this rediscovered interest, he went on to create a small pyrotechnics company alongside his regular job as an accountant. This demonstrates the power of tapping into people's creativity and passions to bring back joy and happiness that may have been lost over time.

You could also inquire about what motivates them and what they are passionate about. These unconventional questions can help uncover hidden interests and ignite new passions in individuals.

As health practitioners, it's essential to delve deeper into our clients' lives beyond their immediate health concerns. By exploring their passions and encouraging their creativity, we can foster a holistic approach to well-being and help individuals reconnect with their true selves.

What quirky questions do you ask on your intake forms?

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