Once you have identified your ideal client, the next crucial step is to define your services and the HOW - how you create transformation for your patients, solve their problems, and help them achieve their goals. By clearly articulating your offerings and delivery methods, you make it easier for both you and your ideal patients to recognise the perfect match.

Let's explore the process of defining your services and target audience to streamline communication and establish yourself as their ideal physiotherapist.

Step 1: Solving Problems

Identify the specific problems your services address. Whether it's pain relief, improved mobility, or enhanced performance, your services should directly address the challenges your ideal clients are facing.

Step 1: Creating Transformation

Understand the unique ways in which you create transformation for your patients. This could include specialised techniques, personalised treatment plans or wellness programmes tailored to each individual's needs. Identify what sets your practice apart and how it benefits your patients.

Step 3: Helping Them Achieve Goals

Clearly outline how your services help patients achieve their goals. Whether it's getting back to sports after an injury or achieving a pain-free lifestyle, your offerings should align with your clients' desired outcomes.

Step 4: Duration and Delivery

Determine the number of sessions and the duration required to achieve optimal results. Providing clarity on the time commitment helps manage patient expectations and fosters trust in your expertise.

Step 5: Delivery Methods

Outline the various ways your services are delivered. This could include in-person consultations, telehealth sessions, group classes, or home exercise programs. Offering diverse delivery options ensures flexibility and accessibility for your clients.


Defining your services and target audience is a crucial step in establishing yourself as the ideal practice for your ideal clients. By clearly articulating how you create transformation, solve problems, and help clients achieve their goals, you streamline communication and attract the right patients. Keeping it simple and focused will make it easier for both you and your clients to recognise the perfect fit. As you solidify your services and delivery methods, you will build a reputation as a trusted expert, making it easier for your ideal patients to recognise that you are the physiotherapist they've been looking for.