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Keeping Your Practice on Track

askkate privatepracticeskills May 05, 2023

In the dynamic world of healthcare practice, staying on track towards achieving goals is essential for success. One effective way to ensure progress and identify areas for improvement is through a weekly review. This article discusses the importance of conducting a Friday review, or any preferred day, to assess key data and make necessary course corrections to reach quarterly and annual objectives.

  1. The Quarterly Goal Framework:

Dividing the year into four 13-week quarters allows for a manageable and focused approach to setting and achieving goals. Each quarter provides an opportunity to work towards meeting larger objectives, making it crucial to stay on track consistently throughout the weeks.

  1. The Weekly Review's Significance:

A weekly review is the linchpin of success in reaching quarterly goals. By conducting regular reviews, healthcare practice owners gain valuable insights into the progress made, helping them determine whether they are on target to meet their objectives.

  1. Assessing Key Data:

During the weekly review, it is essential to analyse key data points relevant to the practice's performance. This may include patient volume, revenue, expenses, patient feedback, and other relevant metrics. These insights offer a clear understanding of the practice's current standing and performance.

  1. Course Correcting for Success:

The weekly review provides an opportunity for practice owners to identify any deviations from the set course. If targets are not being met, the review allows for prompt course corrections. These adjustments may involve refining strategies, allocating resources differently, or addressing operational challenges promptly.

  1. Flexibility and Adaptability:

A weekly review promotes agility and adaptability. Practice owners can respond proactively to emerging trends, competition, or external factors that may impact the practice's performance.

  1. Cultivating a Culture of Improvement:

Regular reviews cultivate a culture of continuous improvement within the practice. It encourages team members to contribute ideas, seek solutions collaboratively, and be actively engaged in achieving shared goals.


Conducting a weekly review is a powerful tool for maintaining focus and accountability in healthcare practice. By regularly assessing key data and making course corrections as needed, practice owners can ensure they are on track to meet quarterly and annual goals. Flexibility and adaptability are cultivated through these reviews, fostering a culture of continuous improvement within the practice.

Ultimately, the consistent practice of the weekly review empowers healthcare professionals to navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and achieve lasting success in their practice.

Let the weekly review be your compass, guiding you towards your practice's destination.


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