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The Journey of a Maverick Physiotherapist

conversations inspiration May 26, 2023

In a world where work-life balance often feels elusive, one physiotherapist has taken a unique path to reclaiming her passion for her profession while balancing her personal life. Meet Lieve Moyeart, a specialist migraine headache consultant from Belgium, who has defied convention and embarked on a journey that has transformed her approach to patient care and her relationship with the healthcare system.

Discovering a Passion:

Lieve's fascination with human anatomy and physiology began at a young age. With a keen interest in sports and a desire to make a meaningful impact on people's lives, she chose to pursue a career in physical therapy. However, she soon encountered the limitations of traditional approaches when faced with patients suffering from back and neck pain. Determined to find a better solution, she discovered the McKenzie method—a revolutionary system of diagnosis and treatment that resonated deeply with her.

The Power of the McKenzie Method:

Lieve's introduction to the McKenzie method was a turning point in her professional journey. The comprehensive framework provided her with the tools to effectively address her patients' pain and empower them to take control of their own healing process. This patient-centric approach aligned perfectly with Lieve's core belief that healthcare should be about enabling independence and providing individuals with the knowledge and skills to manage their conditions.

Navigating Challenges:

As Lieve delved deeper into the McKenzie method, she faced challenges familiar to many pioneers in their fields. In Belgium, where the method was not widely understood, she felt isolated and struggled to communicate her expertise to colleagues. Additionally, she encountered the limitations of the government healthcare system, which restricted her ability to set fair prices for her services. Lieve's dedication to her patients and her desire to create a more fulfilling professional life fuelled her determination to overcome these obstacles.

Embracing Independence:

Lieve's journey led her to make bold decisions that reshaped her career path. She transitioned from being self-employed through someone else's practice to establishing her own independent practice. By doing so, she gained the freedom to define her own pricing structure and prioritise the needs of his patients above the constraints of the healthcare system. This move allowed her to align her values with her professional goals, empowering her to deliver the best care possible.

Finding Purpose and Balance:

Through her independent practice, Lieve rediscovered the joy and fulfillment in her work. By prioritising the well-being of his patients and building a practice centred on the McKenzie Method, she was able to achieve meaningful outcomes for her patients while nurturing his own work-life balance. Lieve's decision to reclaim her time and enjoy her personal life resulted in improved sleep, strengthened relationships, and the ability to be fully present as a partner and parent.


Lieve Moyaert's journey as a maverick physiotherapist demonstrates the transformative power of following one's passion and challenging the status quo. By embracing the McKenzie Method and creating her own practice, she not only achieved professional success but also reclaimed her personal life.

Lieve's story serves as an inspiration to healthcare professionals and individuals seeking greater autonomy, independence, and fulfillments in their chosen fields. It reminds us that by staying true to our values, we can shape our careers in ways that bring joy, purpose, and positive change to the lives of others.

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