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Ditch the Pain-Passenger Seat and Take Charge of Your Life!

conversations deliveringdesiredoutcomes inspiration Jul 06, 2023

Living with persistent pain can be a challenging and isolating experience. For many individuals, their journey begins with seeking medical help and embarking on a carousel of doctor appointments, tests, and treatments. But what happens when allopathic medical interventions fall short?

In this podcast, Pete Moore shares his captivating story of resilience, self-management and the transformative impact it had on his life.

The Frustrating Carousel of Medical Care:

Back in the early nineties, Pete experienced a prolapsed disc in their back, leading him to seek help from the medical system. Like many others, he found himself on a carousel of doctors, investigations, and treatments, longing for a solution to his pain. 

Pete, shares his personal experiences of being caught in this medical model of care, where the focus is on what others can do with a constant cycle of pills, X-rays, and interventions left him feeling like a passenger in their own life, desperately seeking a remedy but often left disappointed.

Discovering the Power of Self-Management:

Driven by the desire to find a better way to cope with his pain, Pete decided to start a back pain support group. Little did he know that this would be a pivotal moment in his journey. Through this group, he encountered a woman who had undergone a pain management program called "Input' in London. Intrigued by the idea of self-management, he reached out and requested a representative to come and speak to their support group.

The Shift from Passenger to Driver:

The presentation from "Input" marked a turning point in Pete's life. Learning about the concepts of pacing activities, graded exercise, and meaningful movement ignited a sense of hope and possibility. The idea of taking charge and being in the driver's seat of their own life resonated deeply. He realised that they had been searching for external fixes, whereas the key to managing their pain lay within himself, the man in the mirror!

The Life-Changing Pain Management Program:

After an 18-month wait, Pete finally had the opportunity to attend the pain management program in 1996. Pete recounts the invaluable lessons he learned, from pacing activities to practicing graded exercise, which allowed him to do more without exacerbating his pain.  Although it was not an overnight cure, the program provided them with the confidence to take control of their life again. Gradually, he was able to wean off pain medication and develop lifelong self-management strategies.

Spreading the Message of Self-Management:

Motivated by his own transformative experience, Pete decided to share his knowledge with others. He started a new group and created a programme specifically for individuals who were ready to embrace self-management. Through the PainToolKit, he emphasises the importance of taking proactive steps and moving forward, encouraging participants to be the drivers of their own lives rather than passive passengers.

Applying Self-Management to Life's Challenges:

The impact of this work is now extending help navigation of the challenges of aging and additional health conditions like arthritis and prostate cancer, By taking action, setting goals, and staying resilient, Pete and his members have discovered a way to continue living a fulfilling life despite obstacles.


Living with persistent pain can be incredibly challenging, but there is hope. This inspiring story showcases the power of self-management and how it can empower individuals to reclaim their lives. By embracing self-management techniques such as pacing activities, graded exercise, and meaningful movement, individuals can gradually regain confidence, reduce reliance on medication, and find new ways to live well despite the pain.

Remember, you have the ability to take control and be the driver of your own life, even in the face of persistent pain.

Are you ready to step into the driver's seat of your own life and support other's to do the same? 

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