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Arthritis as a Form of Cancer

conversations thegreatgaslights Jul 19, 2023

Arthritis has long been a complex and misunderstood condition, impacting millions worldwide.

David Rasnick, a biochemist with a background in cancer research joins me for a fascinating discussion about arthritis as a form cancer and explore's potential implications of this connection.

Reexamining the Definitions

Traditionally, arthritis has been categorised into osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, but David Rasnick challenges these established definitions. He demonstrates how all types of arthritis are a form of cancer. 

Cancer cells are damaged and abnormal cells that often have limited capabilities to invade tissues or spread. Many of these pre-cancerous cells remain dormant, never progressing to a dangerous state.

Rasnick points out the transformed cells in arthritis and cancer cells, both exhibiting aneuploidy, proliferation and tissue destruction.

The Role of Transforming Cells

Rasnick provides a detailed explanation of healthy joint structure, highlighting the articular cartilage and the synovial cavity filled with synovial fluid. He emphasises the role of specific enzymes, known as proteases, in tissue remodeling and repair.

In arthritis, a pivotal element emerges: the transformation of synovial cells. These transformed cells, are pre-cancerous cells, which begin to multiply uncontrollably, forming a panus that comes into direct contact with the articular cartilage initiating tissue destruction.

Connection to Carcinogens

Drawing from cancer research, Rasnick raises the point that the onset is linked to carcinogens. Just like others cancer's, which are triggered by various carcinogens affecting specific tissues, arthritis is also influenced by environmental factors. This insight provides a fresh perspective on the origins of arthritis and how we treat it.

The Importance of General Health and Non-Toxic Approaches

Rather than focusing solely on specific diagnostic labels, healthcare should prioritise individual wellness. The body's ability to heal itself, supported by a healthy lifestyle and non-invasive treatments, can play a significant role in managing and preventing various health issues.

The key to mitigating the risks lies in maintaining general health and adopting non-toxic approaches. Supporting overall well-being through nutrition, exercise, stress management, and lifestyle choices can have a positive impact on joint health and prevent the development of chronic conditions.


David Rasnick's insights into the relationship between arthritis and cancer provide's a thought-provoking perspective.

As we continue to delve into the world of medical myths, it becomes increasingly evident that diseases are interconnected in intricate ways.

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