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The Personal Side of Business Growth

anatomyandphysiologyofbusiness conversations Nov 16, 2023

Karen DeSimone, a renowned success coach, PT practitioner, and practice owner joins me to talk chat about the personal side of business growth

Part 1: The Personal Side of Business Growth

  • We discuss Karen's unique ability to address the emotional pains of practitioners and delve into the challenges of being a practice owner.
  • Karen emphasises the importance of each individual's voice and perspective in contributing to the collective narrative.

Part 2: A Peek into Karen's Life

  • We share anecdotes about swimming, cycling and triathlon experiences and the growth journey through personal challenges.
  • Karen stresses the significance of aligning personal values with professional choices.

Part 3: Growing and Scaling in Business

  • Karen explore's the common misconception of associating growth solely with numbers and the potential pitfalls of blindly following conventional advice.
  • Karen shares a personal story of scaling her clinics and the subsequent realisation that a larger business didn't align with her core values.

Part 4: The Importance of Introspection

  • The discussion shifts towards the necessity of introspection in the growth process.
  • Karen emphasise the importance of defining what growth and scaling mean on a personal level.
  • Karen shares insights into how she aligned her business choices with her identity, avoiding the loss of personal fulfilment.


  • As the episode concludes, listeners are encouraged to reflect on their own growth journeys and consider the alignment of personal values with professional choices.

The Health-prenuers Guide

Coming Soon!

I'm on an exciting journey with my book, taking it back to the good old days when books were served up in newspapers, piece by piece. I'm crafting circa 500 words a day and sharing it with all of you.

Now, this book is for you if you've ever had a brilliant idea or a vision for your own healthcare business or perhaps you want to revitalise your existing service, but you're stuck, not sure how to confirm if there's a market for your idea or how to bring your vision to life.

Let's embark on this journey together

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