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conversations deliveringdesiredoutcomes inspiration Jun 14, 2023

As we understand the interconnectedness between humans and nature, it becomes evident that caring for ourselves as living things is essential to sustaining our own existence. This realisation is lead to a shift in perspective for many healthcare professionals, including physiotherapists, who now recognise the importance of treating the whole person rather than just specific body parts. By embracing a holistic approach, we can address the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of our well-being, promoting a healthier and happier society.

The Shift towards Holistic Care:
Conventionally trained Physiotherapist Brad Dixon join's me to discus how his approach to client care has evolved over the years. He comments "I have come to see my clients as whole individuals rather than merely a collection of body parts. Understanding that various factors in their lives contribute to their physical manifestations of pain or discomfort, I have incorporated discussions about relationships, work-related stress, and lifestyle habits into my treatment sessions. By doing so, I have realised that these conversations are integral to the overall well-being and wellness of my clients."

Whole-Person Approach in Client Conversations:
With a newfound emphasis on the whole person, Brad observes how his conversations with clients have transformed. Instead of focusing solely on treating specific injuries or ailments, he now engage's in discussions about their overall well-being. By addressing their relationships, work-life balance, exercise habits, and other lifestyle factors, he provide's a more comprehensive approach to their treatment.

By helping clients understand the connection between their physical well-being and their overall lifestyle, we can create customised plans that encompass their entire being.

Empowering Clients to Take Control:
Through open and empathetic communication, Brad strive's to empower my clients to take charge of their health and well-being. By understanding their unique contexts and challenges, he guide's them toward actionable steps that align with their goals. Encouraging regular physical activity, healthy eating habits, quality sleep, and stress management techniques, he and his clients work together to create a roadmap for their overall wellness. Brad noted that allowing clients to voice their concerns and explore their own solutions can significantly enhance their sense of self-efficacy and overall well-being.

Overcoming Barriers in Healthcare:
Unfortunately, the traditional medical system often falls short in providing the necessary time and resources for holistic care. Short appointment slots and a focus on medication can hinder the exploration of deeper underlying issues. Many healthcare professionals find themselves chasing time, lacking the opportunity to delve into patients' comprehensive well-being. This phenomenon has led to a passive approach to health, with individuals outsourcing their well-being to medical professionals.  

Shifting the Paradigm:
To counter this passive approach, we must strive to shift the paradigm and promote self-responsibility for our health. It requires open conversations that broach the subject of personal habits, past choices, and the discomfort that arises when realising the role we play in our own well-being. By fostering self-empowerment, we can inspire individuals to actively engage in their health journeys, leading to better long-term outcomes.

Living the Message:
As healthcare professionals, it is vital that we practice what we preach. By embodying a healthy lifestyle. anything else would be a contradiction.

You can hear more from Brad at
Instagram @everfitcoach

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