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Prioritising Self-Care and Internal Values as a Physiotherapist

conversations inspiration Mar 29, 2023

In a world filled with constant change and evolving expectations, it's crucial to ground ourselves in our core values and maintain trust in our profession, especially in the realm of healthcare. A candid and insightful conversation, Jo Turner and Kate, discuss how to determine, maintain, and act on personal values to prevent burnout.

Part 1: The Foundation of Values

Values are the compass that guides us through the complex landscape of healthcare. Jo and Kate agree that holding steadfast to these values is essential, as they define our boundaries and shape our decisions. They suggests that values act as a filter, helping us navigate challenging situations and stay true to our purpose.

Part 2: Navigating External and Internal Realms

Kate raises an interesting point about clinicians often focusing on external factors while establishing values. The conversation highlights the need to treat ourselves with the same honesty and kindness we offer to patients, finding a balance between external demands and internal values.

Part 3: Challenging Times and Healthcare Decisions

The conversation turn's towards the challenges faced due to CV-19. Kate and Jo discuss the difficult choices healthcare professionals had to make. They reflect on the importance of being true to oneself and acknowledging the discomfort of going along with decisions that might not align with personal beliefs.

Part 4: Reclaiming Health and Autonomy

The conversation touches on the changing role of healthcare professionals as people take more ownership of their health. Believing that the public is ahead of professional bodies in recognising the importance of holistic health and seeking guidance to make healthier choices. They emphasise the opportunity for healthcare professionals to provide guidance and support, focusing on empowering individuals to take control of their well-being.

Part 5: Collaboration and Evolving Roles

The conversation leads to a discussion about the roles of different healthcare professionals. Proposing that collaboration is key, and the labels matter less than the impact made. They envision a future where communities are supported by layers of assistance, emphasising trust in innate wisdom and knowledge.


Embracing values and trust is a constant journey in healthcare. The dialogue between Jo and Kate sheds light on the importance of staying grounded in one's values, even in uncertain times. As healthcare professionals adapt to changing dynamics, the focus should remain on empowering individuals, guiding them toward their innate potential for well-being.

Trust in oneself and the collective wisdom of communities can pave the way for a healthier future.

In a world of shifting paradigms, these insights serve as a reminder that values and trust are the anchors that keep healthcare professionals connected to their purpose and the people they serve.

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