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From Physiotherapist to Clinic Magnate

anatomyandphysiologyofbusiness conversations Nov 23, 2023

Ove Indergaard, sheds light on his remarkable journey, covering his commitment to world-class care, and his ambitious plans for clinic expansion.

Part 1 - The Personal Journey: Ove shares his inspiring journey from a part-time physiotherapist to a thriving business owner. Originally from Norway, he moved to the UK, initially planning to return home. However, life took unexpected turns, leading him to establish a successful physiotherapy clinic.

Part 2 - Nurturing World Class Care: The conversation delves into the essence of world-class care and its pivotal role in building a strong clinic-patient relationship. Ove emphasises the importance of instilling confidence, both physically and emotionally, in patients, fostering a belief system that translates into successful outcomes.

Part 3 - Expanding the Practice: Ove details his plans for clinic expansion, moving from a single site to acquiring multiple clinics. He emphasises the significance of maintaining quality and care across different locations. The discussion covers training sessions, conferences, and the meticulous process of nurturing therapists to ensure consistent excellence.

Part 4 - Tips for Success: Ove's invaluable tips for aspiring clinic owners.

  • setting clear goals,
  • maintaining a resilient mindset,
  • and delegating tasks emerge as key themes.

Ove highlights the necessity of building a strong team to share responsibilities, allowing for more rapid and effective growth.

The Health-prenuers Guide

Coming Soon!

I'm on an exciting journey with my book, taking it back to the good old days when books were served up in newspapers, piece by piece. I'm crafting circa 500 words a day and sharing it with all of you.

Now, this book is for you if you've ever had a brilliant idea or a vision for your own healthcare business or perhaps you want to revitalise your existing service, but you're stuck, not sure how to confirm if there's a market for your idea or how to bring your vision to life.

Let's embark on this journey together