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From Prescriptive Movement to Emotionally-Informed Care

conversations deliveringdesiredoutcomes inspiration Mar 22, 2023

Joanne Elphinston, an experienced Physiotherapist and Founder of JEMS, delves deep into the nuances of delivering effective, person-centered care that goes beyond diagnoses and protocols.

This artilce explores the highlights of their conversation, offering insights into the art of listening, embracing uncertainty, and creating a collaborative healing journey.

The Complexity of Human Beings: Joanne that human beings are intricate constellations of various factors – physical, emotional, social, and more. Joanne speaks of the importance of acknowledging this complexity and approaching each patient as a unique individual rather than fitting them into a diagnostic mold. Kate adds that the human body doesn't adhere to rigid protocols; instead, understanding the "why" behind the body's responses is vital.

The Power of Listening: The clinicians underscore the significance of active listening as a fundamental skill for effective patient care. Joanne emphasises that patients often come with a story, and simply allowing them to share that story can pave the way for understanding the root causes of their issues.  Pointing out that true listening means putting aside professional ego and genuinely committing to the person in front of you.

Embracing Uncertainty: In an era where certainty is sought after, Joanne highlights the challenge of clinicians craving definite answers. She draws attention to the brain's response to chronic uncertainty, which can hinder effective decision-making. Embracing the unknown and making informed, educated guesses, Joanne suggests, can create space for curiosity and collaboration with clients.

Collaborative Care and Patient Autonomy: Joanne and Kate explore the concept of co-creation in healthcare, where the patient's autonomy is respected, and decisions are made together. They emphasise that a person-centered approach doesn't mean following a strict protocol but actively involving an individual in their healing journey. Kate points out that patients often have the answers within them; the clinician's role is that of a detective who helps uncover those answers.

Beyond Labels and Certificates: Both clinicians stress the importance of not being defined by labels and certificates. Patients don't seek therapists with an alphabet of credentials but individuals who genuinely care and provide solutions. Joanne suggests that while certifications may offer reassurance for some, true person-centered care goes beyond titles and focuses on the person's holistic well-being.

Creating a Safe Space for Emotional Expression: The conversation addresses the role of clinicians in providing a safe space for patients to express emotions. Your clients don't necessarily need to see a psychologist; physiotherapists can provide emotional support by listening and asking open-ended questions. Joanne believe;s that addressing emotions within the context of a patient's physical health can lead to profound healing.

A Call for Simplicity Amid Complexity: In the midst of complexity, Joanne advocate's for simplicity in approach. Rather than getting caught up in complicated protocols, they urge clinicians to accept the messiness of the healing process and be transparent with patients. True progress, they suggest, comes from collaboration and learning together.


The conversation between Joan and Kate serves as a reminder that person-centered care transcends traditional boundaries and protocols. Embracing uncertainty, active listening, fostering patient autonomy, and acknowledging emotions all play a crucial role in creating a holistic healing experience.

As healthcare professionals, we can learn from their insights to provide more effective and meaningful care to clients.

Stay tuned and enjoy!

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