Now, Listen…

I’m going, to be honest with you in this article…

I’m going to tell you what others won’t. 

Look, you do a great job your patients get results, but you still can’t differentiate yourself from other clinics and charge more! 

And ask yourself why it’s that. 

Let me tell you something:

  • if your clinic looks the same as the other ones
  • has the same offer
  • communicates the problem the same way

You are not differentiating yourself and you are competing at the bottom. 

That’s frustrating, right? Because you know you are worth more, what you do is worth more. 

So how you can change that? 

First of all, nobody cares about you, and that’s the hard truth, your patients care about their problems, what does that mean for you? 

That means, the better you communicate to your clients the problems you solve and how you solve them, the higher the chances for you to differentiate from other clinic owners. 

That’s how differentiated products and services charge more for the same thing because they understand their customers inside-out, study their problems and speak the same language. 

How you can differentiate yourself and your clinic as a specialist practitioner?

Get emotional – instead of just writing “back pain” as a service, you can elaborate it a little bit more, what are the problems that back pain causes in real life, what studies show for people with back pain.

Example: Imagine yourself getting out of bed tomorrow and the back pain you have been struggling with is finally gone, meaning you finally get to play in the garden with your kids and enjoy the precious end of summer without pain that causes you to stress, worry frustration and to be short-tempered.