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The Power of PR for Building Reputation and Visibility

clientattraction conversations Mar 02, 2022

Former journalist and PR specialist, Jo Smyth's extensive experience the world of PR joins me to discuss how you can make the most of working with the media support the success of your practice.

The Essence of PR

Public Relations, or PR, often seems like a vague term, but Jo simplifies it for us. PR essentially involves getting free editorial coverage in various media outlets, such as newspapers, magazines, radio, and television. It's a means to tell your business's story, share your achievements, and connect with your audience in a way that goes beyond traditional advertising.

PR vs. Marketing: What Sets Them Apart

While marketing encompasses an array of activities aimed at promoting your business, PR takes a specific approach. Jo highlights that PR focuses on obtaining media coverage that brings credibility and authority to your business. It's about being endorsed by the media without having to pay for advertising space. This endorsement carries weight and elevates your reputation in the eyes of your audience.

Unleash Your Business's Stories

Jo encourages businesses to recognise the untapped potential of their stories. From the journey of setting up your practice to overcoming challenges, every narrative holds value. These stories can be the cornerstone of impactful PR campaigns. Whether you're expanding, achieving milestones, or engaging in charitable initiatives, each story is an opportunity to enhance your reputation and engage with your audience.

Embracing Modern and Traditional Avenues

In an era dominated by social media, it's easy to overlook traditional media outlets. However, Joe stresses the significance of integrating both modern and traditional platforms. While social media offers instant access to your audience, newspapers, magazines, radio, and TV still hold authority and impact. Appearing in these mediums not only broadens your reach but also boosts your credibility.

Navigating the PR Landscape

Building relationships with journalists is a strategic move that pays off. Reporters are always on the lookout for expert opinions and engaging stories. By providing them with relevant content and insights, you become a go-to source in your industry. Crafting press releases that resonate with journalists' needs, while also being easy to use, is essential. A good-quality image accompanying your content further enhances its appeal.

Maximising Your PR Efforts

Jo underlines the notion that no piece of PR content is wasted. Even if your press release doesn't get immediate coverage, you can repurpose it for your website, blogs, and social media. This extends the lifespan of your PR efforts and helps you engage with your audience across multiple platforms.

Unveiling Your PR Potential

In conclusion, PR is not just a buzzword but an essential component of your business's success. The art of storytelling, combined with strategic outreach, can make a significant impact on your practice's visibility and credibility. As Jo Smith aptly puts it, PR is about being endorsed by the media, and that endorsement goes a long way in creating a healthy, sustainable, impactful, and profitable clinic. So, embrace the biology of business, harness the potential of PR, and watch your practice thrive.

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