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Revolutionising Pain Management with Pressurised Cryotherapy

conversations inspiration Jun 27, 2024

In this episode, Kate sits down with Greg, the innovative mind behind New York Cryogen, to discuss his groundbreaking development in the field of cryotherapy.

Greg shares his journey from being a complex spine representative to creating a high-pressure cryotherapy device that is set to revolutionise pain management.

Tune in to learn about the inspiration behind his invention, the rigorous process of getting it approved by the American Medical Association, and the promising future of this technology.  

Key Takeaways:  

Greg’s Background: Initially working as a complex spine representative in the orthopeadic industry, Greg started experimenting with cryotherapy to manage his chronic pain.  

Development Journey:

Despite his demanding job, Greg began developing a new form of pressurised cryotherapy on the side, treating people for free to understand its potential.  

Turning Point:

Greg’s own injuries and subsequent early retirement allowed him to focus fully on his innovation, leading to the establishment of New York Cryogen.  

Approval and Recognition:

The cryotherapy device was developed to meet American Medical Association standards and has been approved as a surgical procedure with a pain management indication.  

Early Trials:

Greg treated numerous individuals with various injuries, receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback, which motivated him to commercialise the technology.  

Precision Therapy:

Unlike traditional full-body cold plunges, Greg’s device targets specific areas with extreme precision, offering deeper tissue penetration in just 2-4 minutes.  

Manufacturing and Distribution:

The device, named AC 130 Viper, is set to begin manufacturing with plans for distribution by September. Licensing agreements are available for vetted healthcare professionals.  

Global Expansion:

Efforts are underway to introduce this technology to the UK and other global markets. 


"It was like a calling. My injuries forced me into early retirement, which led me to develop this technology." 

"We offer a profound modality that's an alternative or adjunct to current regimens, and it's opioid and narcotic sparing." 

Resources and Links:  

New York Cryogen (Consumer Information): 

AC 130 Viper (Professional Licensing):  

Connect with Greg: 

Follow New York Cryogen on Instagram: @nycryogen 

Episode Highlights: 

[00:02:00] - Greg discusses his background and initial experimentation with cryotherapy. 

[00:10:30] - The development process and early patient trials. 

[00:20:45] - Achieving AMA approval and the device’s unique benefits. 

[00:35:15] - Plans for manufacturing, distribution, and global expansion.  

If you’re a healthcare professional interested in this revolutionary cryotherapy technology, visit to learn more about licensing agreements.

For consumers seeking relief from chronic pain, check out for more information.

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